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Maya Shirvani

Fund Manager

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Maya Shirvani is a seasoned real estate professional with a remarkable 20-year career in the industry. She boasts extensive experience as a licensed real estate agent and a savvy investor, demonstrating an ability to navigate different types of real estate transactions, from residential rentals and commercial leases to 1031 exchanges. Maya’s dedication to providing expert advice and personalized service has been instrumental in serving clients’ real estate

Early Exposure to Real Estate

Maya’s enthusiasm for real estate originated in her youth when she observed her father’s dedication as a land developer, constructing residential properties and apartment buildings. During her high school period, she frequented his office, immersing herself in the nuances of the profession. Her hands-on experience included showing units to prospective tenants and assisting with leases and paperwork, laying the foundation for her subsequent career.

Education and Career Path

Maya holds a degree from a chiropractic college, reflecting her enduring interest in health and alternative medicine. However, her deep-rooted connection to real estate led her back to the field post-graduation. Upon obtaining her real estate license, she embarked on a journey that mirrored the lessons learned in her youth and her belief in real estate as the optimal investment avenue.

Professional Achievements and Impact

Over the years, Maya has completed numerous transactions and investments that have greatly benefited her. The passive income generated from her real estate investments has given her a sense of freedom and financial stability. This success, coupled with her desire to share her knowledge, has inspired her to assist others in achieving similar prosperity

Current Objectives

Presently, Maya is committed to guiding individuals towards passive income generation. By leveraging her expertise and insights, she assists clients in making smart investments that yield consistent income, all backed by the security of real estate. Her goal is to help others
attain financial independence and prosperity, just as she has.

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